My very own Cafe



The thought of running a small café used to be quite appealing to me. Homemade cakes, and breads, satisfied customers coming back each day for more, getting to know the locals and creating a community meeting place for socialising. This was until I had children. My home has become a café and it couldn’t be further from this idyllic creation. Instead of seeing a raised hand or hearing a polite ‘excuse me’ to get my attention, I am screeched at with a ‘I WANT MORE KETCHUP’. Some other frequent complaints are ‘IT’S COLD’, I DIDN’T ASK FOR THAT!’ and ‘UUURRRGH DISGUSTING!’. (The later one is highly embarrassing as this often happens while dining at another ’mum’s cafe!’)



Being a working mum myself, I don’t have hours to prepare and plan meals each day, but I do think that I have a good range of culinary skills and can certainly rustle up a tasty meal with whatever is in the fridge. The main problem in my house is that my two children have completely opposite tastes. I do often submit to their demands and make them separate meals and I know this is a big no no, but quite frankly it’s easier than dealing with the consequences of having a hungry, grumpy child.



When I am feeling in charge and decide that there is only one special on the menu that night, (and the whole ‘if you don’t like it, you can go to bed hungry’) spiel kicks in, I am afraid to admit that by 7.30pm, the cereal somehow finds its way out of the cupboard, into a bowl and into the empty tummy of an upset and hungry little 6 year old!



Although both serve homemade food in a very warm and comfortable atmosphere,  the only similarities between my idyllic café and my real café is that both need extra staff, and in both a huge tip should be left at the end!


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