1. Always take off your make up/clean your face. Whatever time of night. Never sleep with dirty skin.


2. Try to use an alcohol free toner.  I always hear people moan about using toner, and experts are unsure if it’s necessary , but let me put it like this – would you wash your clothes without doing a rinse cycle?!


3. Moisturise.  Regardless of your skin type find a good moisturiser. I’m not sure it’s necessary to have a night and day cream but always use something for your skin type.


4.  Don’t use Soap.  It really is drying on the skin. It might feel clean but it dries it out.  Use a good cleanser or a gentle gel wash  if you don’t like creams.  Find one for your skin type.


5. Drink lots of water. Water really does make your skin glow and keeping hydrated is good for your whole body including your mood. Think of a grape and a raison!!


6. Exfoliate, it really does give your skin and instant glow.


7. Use a spf under your moisturiser.  This is the first cause of the signs of ageing (sun damage).  It is a pain but nowadays you can get tinted moisturisers with spf in them.  This will protect you from the harmful rays (even if it’s not sunny, it’s coming through).


8. Self-massage.  When you are cleaning your face with a cleanser/gel/wash etc spend a little extra time once in a while just very gently massaging your face in circular motions.  The stimulation will give fresh blood to the area and give you an instant glow

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