Max’s 14th birthday!

I cannot believe I have a son who is 14 years old. I am surely not old enough?! I will have to start pretending he’s not mine soon…don’t want to give my age away! I was asked once if I was his sister, OK it was by a CHILD, but inside I did somersaults and clapped my hands together with glee!


My Max has changed so much in the last year or two. It’s so true what they say that once they go to high school they grow up. It’s quite extraordinary how much he’s grown in this last year. On his 13th birthday he was smaller than me, not much but smaller. But a year on and he towers above me! It’s strange having a child taller than you. He’s still got a baby face though, a gorgeous one at that, but of course I’m completely biased!


Max and I have always been close, I would say he’s my best friend. We argue and he can drive me crazy when he’s being cheeky and pushing me way too far, but he’s a good boy generally. He’s great company, witty and lots of fun.


So yesterday we celebrated his birthday. We haven’t done anything exciting; he didn’t want a party and he’d had a busy few weekends with friends so I think he was happy to just have some quiet family time. After he’d opened his presents (he’d already had a few of them – funny how kids can persuade you they NEED something before their actual birthday and even funnier that us parents give in and agree!) I spent the morning scrambling around tidying up and cleaning the house before the rest of the family arrived. It’s amazing how much we can get done in the short time before visitors arrive!


We had a lovely day, ate lots of food and birthday cake (yum) and everyone left reasonably early so we managed to get the twins into bed, ready to cosy up on the sofa for the end of strictly and the start of X-Factor! We know how to rock!


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