Less Weight and More Shape….or More Wait and Less Shape?

I remember going to a Pilates class when my baby was about three months old. I went to strengthen my core, which seemed to be almost non-existent. I also thought about running off my fat stomach but in order to do this I had to first strengthen my core. So you can imagine my dismay when a skinny young girl on the way out the class asked me how long I had to go. I thought to myself, ‘to go where?’ When I realised with horror that she meant how long until my baby is born, I promptly ran to the toilet to try and hold back the tears as I was already feeling on the emotional side! I then left the class and went to buy some chocolate to make myself feel better for being asked when I was due, when in actual fact I thought I was looking less football shaped day by day. I bought maltesers, which are full of air and eaten by ballerinas, so it wasn’t too bad!


The point is, why should I have felt bad? As I mentioned, it is not easy to lose weight in the early days. Maybe we can’t run and regain our washboard stomachs we may never have had. ¬†Perhaps our boobs hurt or leak when we run. Maybe we don’t have the energy. A relaxation or yoga or pilates class may be the limit. Whatever it is, it is important to listen to your body, and not to others’ comments or expectations.


It is difficult to not eat sweet cakes and biscuits when having cups of tea with friends or at baby groups. I think we need to let ourselves off the hook and not feel that mother’s guilt or same that is too common these days.


If it is too difficult to shift weight in the early months or years of your child’s life, then adopt some compassion and acceptance. Much healthier than guilt and shame, and more enjoyable for everyone. So, if it’s not going to be Less Weight, More Shape then strongly consider More Wait, Less Shape!




Mamavoice,Dr. Jo


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