Its all about Battles!

How DO you cope with 5 children?


This is one of the questions I get asked the most! if I am going anywhere other than work and I have my (nearly) 2 year old triplets with me then I am almost guaranteed to get asked it! I give random answers like ‘you just do’ or ‘you have no choice’ normally followed by ‘they are really very good’ – which starts the looks of ‘mmmmm we believe you!’


So I thought I would take a moment to see how do you cope with 5 children under 7, and to be honest I cope because I work! I love my children, they make it all worth while and this is the way it is! I can’t change it, I wouldn’t want to change it and I actually feel very very lucky to have my 5 beautiful children and lots of people cope with a lot more than 5! AND I chose my battles wisely!


Choosing your battles, I think even with one child is key! even more so when you do find yourself with 5 beautiful children under 7 ! you cant argue them all, lets face it you would always be arguing, and I don’t want to be one of those ‘shouty mums’. I did actually take the time to think about my battles in advance and for me I put a lot of importance on the following:



This is my biggest thing, kids need sleep! Tired kids are grumpy kids and when they have school its not fair!  It’s crucial that we, as adults, have time to wind down and relax! When I hear people say that their child wont get to bed I dont understand it? Probably because we have always put ours to bed no arguments, so they go to bed. But also, I think you’re the adult, just put them to bed! Close the door, make it non negotiable, administer punishment if you need to – an over tired child will of course put up a fuss!





My kids eat well balanced good food. Most of it is NOT prepared from scratch by me, but was by someone somewhere and I will buy the good meals for them and the best ingredients from the green grocer and a nice variety. They have plenty of healthy options, fruit, cheese yoghurts as snacks and the sweets they do have are pure pressed fruit. That doesn’t mean that they don’t eat chocolate and crisps, but its in proportion to their weekly overall diet. What we don’t sweat is meal times, we are fluid with these to allow for what’s going on and if you have to eat on the go, then fine!


My biggest tip for feeding young children a variety is: buy sectioned trays for them and then make sure you fill all sections – it makes you think about what you are giving them!









When they leave the house! – I am big on hair styles, a clean ironed uniform and clean faces – how they come back is another matter but I have done my job!





I make the time to spend a few minutes when they get up and when they go to bed to have cuddles and some undivided time. It might be chatting, looking at a book or just cuddling – but this makes me feel less guilty about working and being busy and they get that special time with me. I ask them what they have done, we laugh, tickle and I sit on the floor with them. This is golden time for me and it has to be something very important for me to miss it!





We talk about being polite in our house a lot. We talk about treating people how you want to be treated and being kind to other people. Last night was parent’s evening and I was very pleased to hear how well my 7 year old is doing, but I always ask at the end, is she polite to adults and other children, friendly and a nice child?




Of course you also have to choose which battles you are going to let go, and sometimes these are on a case by case basis and typically for me they are giving in to cereal for dinner when I know they have had a cooked lunch and a party. Tidiness is not the highest quality in my brood! and we not precious or strict on mess – we probably should be with 5, but I like to see them have fun rather than stay clean – as long as they started out that way!


I am sure my battles will not only change, but also get more frequent, tiring and harder to win! I am looking forward to seeing how the triplets battle – group or singularly? the same battles or different – this one I think I know the answer to as they are already so different!


My last battle and one I face daily is the battle of the hard done by parent! – I take the rubbish out, I changed the last nappy, I made the milk! I am pretty confident in saying that I am the most hard done by, a quick list would prove this – but it’s just not a battle worth winning!



5 Responses to Its all about Battles!

  1. Arlene says:

    I can’t believe you can work with 5 little ones. It must cost a fortune in babysitters.

    • Sally says:

      Hi Arlene, no babysitters – the triplets are now at pre school 3 hours a day and my 5 and 8 year olds full time school so my husband and I share child care x I work in and around going to the office every day but short hours and then catching up at home.

      • Arlene says:

        Sounds good. I enjoy your blog, lots of good information. I have twin girls and many people asked me if they were invitro ( which they were not ). I was never offended by this question. Many multiple births are invitro today, so it is a common question. People are just curious by nature, they don’t mean anything bad.

  2. Holly says:

    Meant tantrumming toddler!

  3. Holly says:

    My new life with 2 is definitely about picking my battles with a travelling toddler. Anything us seeing him of at the no. The battle if the day today was to try and get him to take Calpol…a battle I lost over and over again….any tip a on how to win! Tried bribery, pleading, getting cross, asking nicely…nothing worked….!

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