Introduction to our local travel consultant and monthly travel blogger Lynn…

Introduction to our local travel consultant and monthly travel blogger Lynn with her article – ‘When are the cheapest times to go on holiday?  A guide to saving money when booking…’



Well, another year is over and I hope it was a good one for you. For me it was a page turner – after a lifetime of travelling the world, at every opportunity I got, I changed my career direction.  Change is not completely new to me, I started my working life in television as a PA in London. Years later marriage and children came along with several, work required, house moves and I moved to working into network marketing, selling Dorling Kindersley books and CD Roms (it was a while ago!) to family, friends and new friends/customers. By now in Ireland and very active as a volunteer with the Make-A-Wish Foundation I took on the running of the charity and enjoyed the emotional rewards of helping to make a positive difference in the lives of seriously ill children and their families. Too long a story, but I changed career after another country move and worked in education for many years with my last job managing the Events team at Ashridge Business School, outside of Berkhamsted. So, the page turner?  I am now embracing my life long passion and working in the travel industry, helping people of all ages, to discover new countries and unique experiences along the way.


I’m ready for 2019 and I thank you for being part of my journey!


January is awash with promotions and travel offers for your next holiday and as you sit watching TV or reading the newspaper, eating chocolates that were given at Christmas and have no part of your New Years resolution, you probably wonder are these all really the bargains they are shouting them out to be?  The answer is yes, despite some recent criticism levelled at TUI for their confusing discounting structure, you will find holiday companies not wanting to lose out to their competitors and there is some real slashing of prices or added benefits.  Wendy Wu Tours have for the past few years in their January sale, upgraded customers to Business Class for just £99.00 (one way) on holidays to China or Japan. Having travelled economy long-haul and business class long-haul – I think this is a great offer and what a way to start your holiday and help any feelings of jet lag!


You don’t just have to restrict yourself to January though.  There are ‘bargains’ on offer all through the year, including the other peak sales time of Black Friday, which the UK retail industry seems to have embraced wholeheartedly now.  Last years record high temperatures meant that staycations were enjoyed by more people than ever, eschewing the traditional long weekend for a one or two-week holiday on our fabulous island.  This meant that holiday companies, selling Europe and long-haul, didn’t see their normal quota of last minute bookings being taken up and reduced prices accordingly – they have, after all, purchased so many flights and accommodation and they need to be sold!


It doesn’t always pay to wait though, particularly if you are not flexible on dates, choice of destination, have definite requirements such as Kids Club, sea view, ground floor preference etc.  Also, it’s not worth taking the risk if there are a large number of you travelling – holidays featuring Grandparents, their children and their grandchildren are growing fast in popularity.  If you have to travel during the school holidays the sales are worth snapping up as you will obviously get first choice.  This can make a big difference to a holiday, with flight times, best located hotels, room availability etc.  It also means that as a family you have the excitement extended over months as opposed to weeks.  It also helps when budgeting as last-minute holidays always require full and final payment, however, purchase months beforehand and there are nearly always price plans to suit every pocket.


Travel destinations can be a bit like fashion, they come and go in trends.  You can often find some very good deals in countries that have fallen out of favour with tourists and are no longer so popular.  If you are visiting a region that has been known for its political instability, always check the latest Foreign Office travel advice on-line or with your travel consultant.  Turkey is recovering well after a period of instability and is one of the best countries to visit this year due to the very strong value of the pound to Turkish (almost doubling in value over a year).  You can now go back to enjoy Tunisia, whose government has worked hard to improve its security.  Unbelievably there are All-Inclusive holidays starting from as little as £221.00 pp for 7 x nights with transfers and luggage!  It is a similar story in Egypt too.


Finally, my advice before talking with your travel consultant would be have a realistic budget in mind.  Don’t be distracted by the offer number in front of the percentage sign – it’s the number behind the pound sign that counts!


Again, I hope your 2018 was a good one, wishing you all the very best for next year and I hope I can help make your travels a little better in 2019!


Lynn Barham

Independent Travel Consultant with Not Just Travel



Tel: 077 0923 1341



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