Introducing guest blogger Hayley, a Personal Stylist

I am a professional shopper. There I’ve said it – I shop for a living. I have successfully turned my passion for shopping and fashion into a dream career.


I can’t say I’ve taken the most direct route, having previously worked as a legal specialist in the oil and gas industry and as a newspaper journalist, but needless to say, it was inevitable. With a fashion designer for a father and a shoe designer for a grandfather, I was bound to fall into the world of fashion at some point. But after a four year law degree I had to firstly get a “proper job”.


I have always styled friends and family, and have been brought up cutting patterns on the weekends and designing with my dad, but it wasn’t until having children that I decided to do it for real.


I suppose it’s a case of good timing, because now with two young children, a boy of 6 and a girl of almost 4, my work is flexible. I’m very lucky I know.


I began by offering my styling services for free at a large department store in London. After a few months they created a job for me in the Personal Shopping department, where I remained for several years.


During this time I started to freelance and on leaving the store, I set up my first ever business. And I’ve never looked back!


I love every single minute of it and all my clients become good friends. I don’t advertise, I see no need. Clients recommend me to friends, husbands, sisters, mums, dads and that’s how my business grows. They are all different ages, sizes, styles and they all have different budgets and needs. I love meeting new clients, getting to know them, listening to their feelings and requirements.


I offer two main services, wardrobe edits, where I go to clients houses, completely revamp their wardrobe making it easy to dress and showing them exactly what does and doesn’t work for them and why. We build a basis to a shopping list and establish what is missing in their wardrobe. It takes a few hours and we really get to know each other, but clients always enjoy it and we do have a laugh. Then we go shopping! It may be for a holiday wardrobe, a complete overhaul, bridesmaid dresses, or some fabulous accessories. Whether it’s a whole winter wardrobe or one amazing evening dress my clients always go away feeling fabulous and confident and that makes my job so worthwhile.

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