I’m a Mojomum, Get Me Out Of Here Pizza Trial!

Our friends at Papa John’s kindly (!) sent us two huge pizzas – but with a difference…!



…their brand new limited edition BBQ Ostrich pizza!


Offering pizza lovers their very own jungle experience, Papa John’s BBQ Ostrich Pizza is made with mouth-watering Ostrich meat crumble loaded onto a doughy BBQ base.



The Mojo team were divided:


Lucy loved it and went back for more! She would definitely buy it again and compared it to BBQ duck.


Kelly didn’t, and hers went in the bin! As did Jurate’s!


Shannen says she is can’t quite figure it out; she’s eating it but is not sure on the texture and aftertaste (but she has gone back for a third slice!).


And Georgia loves Papa John’s but isn’t such a BBQ fan.


So the reviews were mixed – would you dare?! Go on, we challenge you!!!



Papa John’s BBQ Ostrich Pizza is available to order now…

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