There has only been one downside to an iphone (possibly a positive in terms of my job!), but I definitely have had an increase of pain in my thumbs and neck.  I tend to look down a lot more putting more strain on my neck and the tight grip I have over my phone when texting and holding my phone has really caused pain in my thumbs! When I first got my phone I had a few visits to my physio and I asked him if he had seen an increase in neck pain since more people had purchased smartphones – he had! So now I have had to be more aware of my thumbs, for my job, I need them more than I need the phone (sad but true!), and i have to remind myself to keep looking up or doing regular stretches or rotations to keep mobility in my neck.


As I mentioned above, I went to see my physio because of my neck pain, I decided I’d do a newsletter called iache, I had done some research amongst friends, online and in the media and have deduced (along with other more scientific researchers) that there is a marked difference in the amount of neck and shoulder pain people with mobile technologies are experiencing as opposed to those without. This is mainly due to people looking down at their mobile devices for extended periods, which in turn puts undue stress on their neck, head, shoulders and arms resulting in added tightness and, as I call it, iAche!

So now you know why you are feeling that little bit more tense and you can be aware of your posture and to help avoid getting these pains!

Tips for relieving some iAche!

* Sit up straight and draw your chin into your chest, elongating the back of your neck and continue to pull chin to chest, you should feel a stretch at the back of your neck (and for some all down the back!).

* Take mini-breaks; look up from your phone and do some gentle side to side head stretches. Use opposite hand to help stretch your neck to the side, as you exhale. Inhale and return to start.

*  Place all your fingertips alongside your spine at the back of your neck and drag your fingers to the sides giving the neck a simple but effective massage.

* Go for a good deep tissue massage!


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