How do I explain what has happened in Manchester to my child?

As a parent, we want to shield our children from the horrors of the world; from stories of terrorism, war and death.  The terrible incident in Manchester at the Ariana Grande concert is likely to reach your child, whether through school friends talking about it or your child catching a glimpse of the news on the TV or social media.


It’s important to consider how to discuss this with your child.  Obviously taking their age into account, here at Mojomums we all refer to the BBC Newsround website, which offers advice and tips about what to do if your child is feeling sad about what they have seen, heard or read…


The Newsround website also rounds up the breaking news in a way that your child will understand, using simple words and facts without trying to scare or worry your child.  For their up-to-date news about the attack in Manchester click here…We find it is a great source of reference for both parent and child.


Leading psychiatrists have advised parents not to hide the news of the Manchester terror attack from their children. The Royal College of Psychiatrists said it is best to be honest with youngsters about the incident.


My sons are still very young (year 1) and are not aware of what happened, but I know they are likely to overhear something soon and armed with facts and information I feel I am ready to talk to them about this…


I’m going to try to assure them both of the rarity of attacks like these and let them know they are safe.  I’m going to let them ask any questions that may be concerning them and I’m going to try not to speak of ‘bad people’ but instead of a bad action.


Above all, I’m going to give them hugs and let them know they are loved more than anything in the world.


Visit for advice and information.

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