Halloween Bundles of Zimpli Kids Gelli Baff!

I sent my boys and their friends out in the garden anticipating that this could be messy and was very glad I had.



They first tried the blue Gelli Baff which they made in a huge bucket which made thick jelly slime. There were screams of joy from the garden as it thickened into slime they could grab great handfuls off. Before disposing of this slime you need to add an deactivator which thins it out immediately however there are still mounds of blue slime sitting in my garden like alien mole hills!



They then tried the Green Slime Baff, which after lots of stirring created a smooth more fluid slime which they also loved but didn’t have as much texture as the first one so wasn’t as tactile.


Both were a huge hit but from a parents perspective I would say to only entertain this slime if you are relaxed about mess!!


Maybe it was my children and their friends who were over excited but my garden (and their hair) certainly seems a lot more colourful than when they started!



Zimpli Kids products are available from many high street toy stores and online from Amazon.



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