Getting the best educational start!


Choosing the right school for your child is difficult, OFTSED reports, catchment areas, rising house prices can all effect our choices and desperation to give our children the best start they deserve.  We all want to give our child the ultimate in schools; nice students, attentive teachers, brilliant facilities and that all important ‘Outstanding’ from the OFSTED report.  I feel as a parent it is my duty, I think education and a GOOD education opens up so many opportunities for a child and can create so many paths, their path to their career!


Choosing a school for a child who’s blind is a whole different kettle of fish! 


Now I live in an area, as close to the best school in the area as possible… I chose to move here so that Scarlett could go to that school, but now it is no longer an option. Her inability to thrive is a mainstream education due to her disabilities means that I no longer feel a mainstream school would be right for her.  There is no agreed contract prior to selecting a school which states how much support she can get… how many hours of one and one, if mobility training can be negotiated during lesson time with the school, who will even help her get from place to place!


She has been in a private mainstream nursery since she was 18 months, I placed her in there to get her prepared and ready for the mainstream school… but no amount planning could have determined the way in which Scarlett developed.  Her lack of sight combined with very limited speech and language would make life very difficult for my little girl in a school…. sitting on a carpet? no way! sitting at a desk? not a chance! so how could she possibly thrive in a school.


So I have made the decision to go down the Special Educational Needs school option… easy peasy…. far from it :(.  There is a whole plethora for us to choose from, you have to visit them all, talk with all the teachers, take Scarlett for assessments to see if the school fits her.


Then when you have finally found it, the school you can close you eyes and imagine your wonderful child flourishing in, being happy and supported, understood by the staff, wall to wall therapists to help give your child the start the waiting lists stop you from giving the statementing process has to begin… A fight to the death with the LA to get them to outline your child’s needs, assign them support and funding and to let them put your child in the school that you KNOW is right for them and not the school that the LA thinks is the most cost effective to send her too.



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  1. Marina says:

    I totally understand what you are going through and that it’s not easy. I work for a school specialising in autism and see the struggles that parents and our school have with the LA.
    Keep fighting for what you feel is right for your little girl and hopefully it will work out for you xx

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