GCSE Results day Tomorrow

gcse's results day

So only one more day to wait! It’s results day tomorrow and I’m so nervous!

My Teen, Max, sat his GCSE’s this Summer, along with thousands of other students across the UK. It’s probably the most worrying time they will ever have at school, for parents too!

The exams are spread out over a month or so from May to June and it’s tough trying to keep teenagers focused at this time, as well as the months before spent revising! I felt sorry for my boy at times when I was insisting on revision…. bless him but there were a lot of subjects to get through and I felt like I had to be ever so disciplined as a parent myself, keeping him on track.

At school my Max was probably your typical teenage boy in that he was a bit (a lot) lazy when it came to school work and would much rather be having fun with friends and have a bit of a laugh in class if he could! His work and books were always messy and generally doing anything education wise was a chore! There were times during the first four years at high school where I despaired of him! You know, not doing much homework, or doing the absolute minimum he could possibly get away with, teachers telling me he wasn’t doing enough blah blah blah.

Don’t get me wrong, he certainly excelled in some areas and was bright enough to be somewhere in the top sets most of the time but he split opinion among his teachers. Some loved him (he can certainly put on the charm when he wants to) but others probably hated him! He definitely went through a stroppy teenage phase with a real chip on his shoulder!

But I’m so thankful for some wonderful teachers who were absolutely brilliant. Some teachers I believe are born to do that job. It can’t be easy but they simply have a knack of being able to understand and get the best from their students. They seem to be able to work through the delicate and oh so complicated components of the teenage mind and gain that all important respect, encouraging and inspiring kids to want to achieve.

Max really knuckled down when it mattered.

I’m so proud of the way he conducted himself in his final year. It’s like a light was suddenly switched on and he just got it. He worked hard and revised well for his GCSE’s.

I felt so nervous every time he left the house to go and sit one of his GCSE’s. Emotional even.

This was my baby…. it felt like yesterday that I was taking him to school for the very first time at 4 years old. Now here he was, at the most crucial stage of his school journey so far. It felt surreal.

He handled it all brilliantly. He wasn’t phased at all and took it all in his stride.

His last exam was the 17th June so it’s been a long wait for the results. I’m as nervous as hell, but excited too to see what grades he’s got!

I’m not expecting straight A’s by any means, I’m sure it will be a very mixed bag but I hope he’s happy and can work with what he gets!

He’s planning on staying on at school for 6th Form so we shall see.

Fingers crossed for all those other students (and Mum’s) awaiting GCSE’s tomorrow! Wishing you all the very best of luck!

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