Family time

Well I’ve had a very unproductive last few days which means that I really need to get stuff done this week!


I’ve had a good excuse though because I’ve had family staying with me – my dad and my nephew. My dad lives up north but visits me often and we make the effort to visit him too as often as we can – which is a mammoth task now with four children. Even a few days away needs very careful planning when young twins are involved. It’s getting slightly easier now they are three but still feels like I am moving house whenever I go up there; my kids do NOT travel light! My dad loves to help out when he’s here and he especially enjoys doing the school run…which of course I don’t mind in the slightest!


But what makes this visit special is that my nephew, Michael, has flown all the way from Italy where he lives, just to see me and my family. It’s his first trip to England on his own (he’s 24) and I think it’s lovely he chose to come and see us and spend some quality time with us. He’s a shy boy and I felt extremely maternal towards him while he was here. Even more so because we sadly lost my brother, his dad, a year ago now at the end of this month, to cancer and he very much looks like him which is both beautiful and upsetting at the same time. My brother had married Michael’s mum, who is Italian, many moons ago and they settled in Italy to bring up their three boys. Life is very unfair at times but having Michael here with all his shyness and good manners just reminds me of what a great person my brother was and what an amazing job he did raising his wonderful children.


So it’s been an emotional time. But now back to normality. Time to get the house all cleared up and back to its usual state.  Time to concentrate on work and get back to those school runs!


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