Dry January!




Here we are again, it’s the beginning of a New Year and I’m facing the same battles I have faced for the last 20 years!!

I really thought 2013 was going to be different, you might have seen from my last blog (back in the spring of 2013) I had tried slimming world and lost a bit, and then the 5:2 diet and lost a bit more. Then I had a Hen weekend, and then a wedding, then a bank holiday, then a night out, then a bad day, then a good day, then a birthday, then another night out, then another excuse, and then before I knew it, it was Christmas and I had put back on the weight I had lost at the beginning of the year!!


Towards the end of the year, I tried Emotional Freedom Technique, to try and get to the bottom of my weight problem. I didn’t even stick at that. I’m sure we would have got somewhere, but it wasn’t quick enough and I didn’t stop wanting to eat.


So I have kicked off 2014 doing dry January and healthy eating. Having drank like a fish throughout the whole of December and even worse over Christmas, I thought I should give my poor liver a rest from alcohol!! On New years’ day while I was nursing a thumping hangover, it seemed like a really good idea, however 10 days in, its Friday evening and I really, really want a glass of wine!


I’m sure there are so many people out there that understand when I say that at the end of a hard day, whether that’s at work, or with the kids, nothing beats that time of day when you can open the fridge, get out a nice cold bottle of white wine and pour yourself a well-deserved treat. It signals time to relax, switch off and have a bit of me time. So depriving myself of that treat is torture, but I am determined to not Drink a drop for the whole of January, as I said I would, and I never stick to anything, and just once, I would like to say “I did it”!!


As I’m not drinking, I thought I might as well see if I can eat healthily too. I’ve cut out bread and dairy (apart from the odd yogurt) and potatoes, pasta, sweets, crisps, chocolate and cakes. I’m eating lots of Soups, Salads, vegetables and stir fry’s.


I have spent the last 10 days feeling hard done by that I “can’t” have anything nice, telling myself and anyone that will listen that it’s not fair, I’m starving, it’s so hard, I’m miserable and any other sob story I can think of. But in actual fact, I’ve cooked some really nice food, haven’t been that hungry and feel a lot less bloated and uncomfortable.


So why do I see eating healthily as such an ordeal? I’m not going to say the “diet” word as I don’t think I need to be on a diet, I need to change my thinking and my attitude towards food. If I’m on a diet I always feel I am deprived of treats and nice things, but that’s in my head. How long does it take to change habits formed over 40 years?


1st of February, I will be reaching for the Fridge for that cold glass of wine, but hopefully I will be drinking it with a nice healthy salad!!


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  1. Sally says:

    Keep going Helen x

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