The biggest conundrum when it comes to shopping is Denim. Yes the dreaded J word. Jeans – the single item of clothing that has the ability to reduce a grown woman to tears.


According to recent studies 40 per cent of women struggle to find the perfect pair of jeans.  Whether your aim is to flatter your tummy, lengthen your legs or reduce the size of your bottom, you have to first look at your own body shape.


Boyish figures look good in any cut. To give the illusion of a waist and hips, add detail such as zips, studs or embellishment.


For those of you with pear shapes, that’s wider hips than shoulders, opt for high-waisted jeans to pull you in and lift you up in all the right places.


If you’re larger round the middle, an apple shape, go for jeans with stretch. Even an elasticated waist that can be concealed with clever tops and jackets would work.


Don’t fall into the trap of wearing loose fitting jeans, try a skinny pair to slim down the leg and skim the hips.


It’s important that you try to balance your vertical proportions, too.  For petite women, high rise jeans add length to legs and for leggy women, low to mid rise jeans balances out their torso.


Don’t make the mistake of buying jeans that are too big. If you can fit more than two fingers down the back then go down a size!  You should be wriggling into them, breathing in and the waistband should be snug.


Remember, jeans are an investment.


If you buy a good quality pair, they will form the basis to your wardrobe. Wash them in cold water to avoid damaging the fabric. Be brave – you can wear denim on denim!


Hayley is a Personal Stylist – her previous blog for Mojomums can be found here.

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