Colour Blocking

colour block clothes

This season is all about colour- blocking, that is, wearing multiple solid colours in one outfit.


There are two main ways to do this, you can put complementary colours together by taking colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel.


To use this colour-blocking technique you need to be brave because you’re going to stand out!


The second and more subtle approach is to take colours that are next to eachother on the colour wheel – this is called an analogous colour scheme.


Women of any age or style can colour-block successfully. Even the Queen does it, but it’s the way that you choose to apply the trend.


You may decide to mix different coloured pieces, for example, a top in one solid colour and trousers in another, or you may wear different hues of the same colour in one piece, for instance, a dress which is already colour-blocked.


Picture this, a bright pink top and royal blue trousers. Brilliant – I love it. But worn without confidence and I’m afraid it could be a wash-out. If you’re not totally confident opt for lighter shades, perhaps different shades of the same colour. These can work beautifully and harmoniously together.


Try to stick with two or three colours per outfit, any more can be overwhelming. You want to wear the trend, not let the trend wear you.


When you’re colour-blocking make sure that any stripes or patterns are flattering. For example if you have a stripe in a different hue on your dress, make sure it isn’t running across your hips if you want to avoid drawing attention to that area.


If the trend is too bold for you, start by wearing colour-blocked accessories – try shoes or maybe a handbag. This will ease you in, and hopefully, you’ll be ready to wear a fabulous colour-blocked dress in no time.


However you colour-block, have fun and be brave!


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