Cold season

Well there always comes a point, that dry feeling at the back of your throat, the damp feel when you touch your nose, that cough that sounded a bit chestier than usual and all those times you touch wood when you realise you haven’t been ill for quite a while.  It came to me with a bang this week, even as I write this I’ve been quarantined off by my loving wife. Everyone gets it, sometimes once a year, maybe twice, some are unlucky and get one a season, but it’s an inevitable situation that will happen sooner or later. What I want from all you parents is a show of hands, who here believes having a cold, man flu, actual flu or anything of that kind becomes three hundred times worse to cope with when you have children to contend to.
The last thing you want when you have a head full of mucus, a rising temperature and all you want is your own mummy, is a screaming, coughing, needy baby and a charged up toddler who in turn are calling out for their daddy or mummy.


Responsibility… this wasn’t on the menu surely, they never talked about this at parent class.


Getting a cold is like being bitten by a mosquito, at some point it happened, your not sure when and you are now living out the cruel repercussions. But when you have children, there is a time when it happened, you know the names of the parents who’s child gave it to them who then passed it onto you. You see the moment reoccurring in your nightmares, with slow motion stills playing over and over again of the moment your toddler sneezed on you that fateful afternoon during an episode of Mr Tumble.
I would love to get some mums feedback on your experiences with illness and bringing up children, especially any advice other than to stick a Frozen DVD on loop, (If for any reason you do hear me whilst I sleep, no I’m not talking in tongues, I’m probably reciting the words to ‘Let It Go’), do you have a guardian angel that can take them away for a few days maybe, give them a shout out! Or perhaps you’ve trained your children to be at mummy’s side with every ring of a bell bearing freshly squeezed orange juice…???


Written by MojoDad Jim, author, husband and father of two

– Aspiring to Inspire

2 Responses to Cold season

  1. Saripudin says:

    They look like they’re doing a great job! I have a fight with my two and a half year old, she tends to eat the toothpaste, and then mtlosy brush her tongue, but she’s fiercely independant and doesn’t like mummy to help. I might start doing it while she’s asleep !!

  2. Kelly says:

    There really is nothing worse than being ill and having to look after the kids at the same time – back-to-back dvds, bribery with biscuits and telling the other half to get a takeaway on the way home is the only way I survive! 😉

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