Christmas is round the corner…

Hello to all the fabulous mums out there, especially the ones that are getting ready for the Christmas season. As the “most wonderful time of the year” is approaching, this is the timeĀ for me to start making a balance of the year (as I do every December), and I thought it would be good to share it with you. I love to use this festive season to do the following:


Practice gratitude because personally it is something that gives me peace and makes me happy and also because I believe that you get what you give (be nice and thankful for what you have and life will be good and kind to you). As I already wrote in my previous posts, I have just relocated to the UK with my husband and two kids, so this year has been a decisive one for us with lots of changes and new experiences. The road hasn’t been easy, but overall, the balance is good and I can start being thankful for what 2018 brought to our lives. Do you practice gratitude in any other way? Maybe by doing some volunteering activities? Do you like to express it somehow or do you prefer to keep it to yourself? I would love to know about how other people do it, maybe we can get creative ideas of being grateful.


Have hope for the future. I love the concept of New Year, basically because it’s a refreshing way of turning the page and starting again (that’s why people have new year’s resolutions). I don’t like to leave things unfinished (likeĀ starting the gym in January to not be seen there again in February), but definitely I’m a fan of getting excited with the idea of having 365 days ahead with new adventures, challenges, and kid’s birthdays that mean our children are growing happy and healthy.


Be kind with things that didn’t go right. Not getting what you want can be a blessing sometimes and things always happen for a reason. It may take sometime before we understand and accept it, but in all, it is definitely a learning experience. It also gives us piece of mind and a good feeling. there will be a whole year ahead to try new things, to get better experiences and to enjoy every day.


Even though winter is supposed to be tough (especially for someone like me, not used to be this cold all the time), I’m looking forward to taking the first pictures of my kids seeing snow for the very first time, it will be priceless. It has been a pleasure to share my thoughts and experiences of these first months in the UK and a great exercise as I was able to put into words my feelings and concerns. I hope to see you around, I would love to hear back from other mums, any tip or advice to survive the terrible twos or to handle an in-year application for school (yes, 4 months here only and we are on that already, but that will be another story), more than welcome. Thanks for reading, see you on Instagram @betweenmums_uk and have a fantastic Christmas.


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