Christmas cards – look how I am sending them this year!

Do you spend hours writing Christmas cards to distant family and almost long-forgotten friends?


Nearly pass out at the cost of a stamp?!


Or have you given up with sending cards altogether and just post a message on social media telling your friends you are thinking of them…?


I enjoy sending cards however this year I have decided to do it a little differently…




I have discovered Рpersonal greetings cards with a difference!


It’s simple – choose a card in your preferred style, add a personal message and now comes the fun part…! Using your smartphone or tablet, record a video message and Choosey will print a unique code in your card. When your family and friends receive the card they simply scan the code to watch the video play!


My children are going to have a field day with this!  Jingle Bells is their song of choice, practicing has made perfect and we are ready to record!!!



The card images range from funny to traditional, with just enough to choose from without being too many.




I think this is a really special way to send your thoughts – I know I would love to receive a card and message this way, who wouldn’t?!


Choosey have given us a Mojomums discount code – use MOJO30 for 30% discount when you buy 5 cards or more…what are you waiting for?!


Order before midday for your card to be sent that day – so there’s still plenty of time before Christmas!



For more information and to order your cards visit

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