Who in their right mind has a 6 month old and decides it is time to actually start the extension they have been planning for ages….. Yes, OK, that would be me! The external building work was OK, really quite fun watching this building go up on the outside of our house, getting excited about choosing a kitchen and thinking colour schemes. So month one, great, month two things slowed as you have to wait for the big things to be delivered, like enormous pieces of steel! Doors and windows to be made and fitted that sort of thing. Month 3 and time for the knock through… So the downstairs back of the house is coming down and there is to be a bit of dust (that happens to be the understatement of the year!). The kitchen is gone – no way to feed the kids short of the local take away! And the boiler is going too, so no food or heat for the small people…


building 1


What does this mean? Well it means having to move out for a bit and having to turn the house upside down, trying to make space for the builders! All this weekend was spent moving my lounge to one end, clearing out all the kitchen cupboards and just generally trying to pack for a week away from home, as well as getting everything cleared and ready for the builders.


So whilst the builders get on with their job, we are moving in with the in-laws! Now this fills me with dread, I mean living with me is bad enough but me, John and the kids, goodness me, it’s enough to send the sanest person to the loony bin! Tonight is the first night – so I’ll let you know how that goes. We are looking forward to having someone cook for us, babysitters readily available and someone already offering to do the washing for us, hang on a minute why haven’t we moved in sooner?


I went back at lunchtime to see how much mess and dust there is…. There is a lot! Even though they haven’t knocked the back out yet, just the dividing wall between kitchen and living room and the back is all cellophaned and taped up, the dust layer is already thick! What else have I discovered? We had a leak in the kitchen which obviously had been there a while under the sink behind the cupboard – we can tell this from the mushroom between cupboard and wall – quite impressive! And the rotten wooden parquet floor in the living room! I was so worried that my children were living in this house! It is quite disgusting but when you can’t see it you have no idea!


building 2


I am hoping that in a week we will be back in the house and by the end of April we will have a fully functioning, beautiful kitchen! And a completed extension that just needs decorating. Then again it may be very different in reality, watch this space and I’ll keep you posted!

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