Budget family meals; plan plan plan!

We’ve all heard recently that budget supermarkets are taking over a major share in our food buying process and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to save a few pounds and pennies on those everyday meal basics?


But can you ditch the larger supermarket chains and buy everything that you need from a low cost rival?


I have to admit that the few times I have been to a low cost supermarket for a weekly shop, I have not found everything that I have been looking for; resulting in another shopping trip and, obviously, an expensive basket full of food…so when a new cookbook, The Savvy Shoppers Cookbook by Amy Sheppard, landed on my desk I was keen to try it out!


the savvy shoppers cookbook


The book promises to show you how to navigate the discount supermarkets, shop for fewer ingredients at low prices, yet without compromising on flavour or favourite meals.  Time to try it out!


I spent an evening browsing the cookbook with my son, who has recently developed a love of cookbooks!  We wrote a list of the recipes that we planned to try out – these are simple, family style recipes; nothing out-of-the ordinary but more ideas of how to update your general meal plans.  Naan pizzas, Moroccan Chickpea Curry, Couscous-Coated Salmon – nutritious meals that don’t take hours to cook or ingredients that you have never heard of!


Planning is advised; not only to make sure that you purchase the right ingredients but also to save money by using said ingredients for more than just one meal.


I decided to go the full hog and actually do my whole weekly shop at Aldi.  Armed with a shopping list, bags and elbows at the ready, off I went!


I found pretty much everything that I needed, with a little tweaking of ingredients that I knew would not work in my household (Couscous-Coated Salmon has become Couscous-Coated Pollack and Moroccan Chickpea Curry has had chicken added to it).


The Savvy Shoppers Cookbook is so simple to follow.  The cooking instructions are clear and easy and the meals that I have made so far have been eaten (always a plus point!) and enjoyed (bonus!)!


I have decided to aim at one new recipe each week, just to be able to add my usual family favourites and help that ‘stuck in a rut’ feeling that I think most family cooks get.





The Savvy Shoppers Cookbook published by Ebury Press is available from many high street bookstores and online from Amazon.

Author of The Savvy Shoppers Cookbook, Amy Sheppard, features in our Profile of a Working Mum here.





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