Boys, toys and noise!


There’s one thing my husband has to keep repeating to me with regards to our two boys under 6 and a half: “they are boys, that’s what they do”. That’s basically relating to everything my boys do. Play fight, wrestle, play wii, pick up dirt, never use their cutlery, never wash their hands, flush the toilet, listen, you name it.


Before I had kids I went clubbing in my yoot, I listened to music loudly, I had to scream at friends in club situations for them to hear me, stood by the speakers at rock concerts! But it’s as if a variety of things happened to me when when I gave birth… I’m thinking one of those things was that my patience was flushed out with my placenta, and I became extra sensitive to noise.  Everything seems louder. Their cries, their screams, their playing, their toys…their TOYS!


I have to admit, to some people’s horror I could be an arms dealer with the amount of weapons I have in my house. Guns, swords nerf guns, water pistols. My husband has taken regular trips to china – obviously not for the real deal but for the toy versions. Possibly as noisy mind you. My house has NO pink. I lie. My dog’s collars are pink. They are girls. All boys’ toys seem loud, bright, and irritatingly use tonnes of batteries. I should have taken out shares in Duracell.


If it wasn’t bad enough that my children make constant noise my husband – I’ve noticed – makes quite a lot more noise! He talks loudly and other bodily functions seem revoltingly noisy – much to my boys amusement!! And like them he doesn’t listen so I have to repeat things several times. I think I’m actually sick of my own voice!!


In fact now that I’m writing this I’ve realised my dogs don’t really listen to me either!!! I must change my tactics…


If I had my way all noise would be banned and I’d have a house at the bottom of the garden and the “main house” would have 24 hours cleaning service to hand.  But instead I’ve learnt to just accept that “it’s boys” and focus on their laughter when they play together and appreciate that, noise aside, they have a lovely friendship!


Are your boys the same? Are your GIRLS ear drum-burstingly loud too?!

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