Baking with Paddington 2!

I can’t wait to see Paddington 2 when it is released in the UK on 10 November and to celebrate we were sent some Paddington baking goodies – time to get busy in the kitchen!




Now, I do not confess to being a master baker…or even just a basic baker, but my twin boys couldn’t wait to set about baking Gingerbread Bears!



Paddington’ Cookery Book has plenty of family and child-friendly recipes; we’ve turned the pages down on a few that the boys want to try over the coming weekends, including fruit smoothies, beef stew and of course, marmalade!



The boys quickly got the hang of the weighing and sieving…



Time to get messy with hands in!



Always time for a quick photo!



Why does my kitchen look like a bear has run rampage in it…!



OK, I burn the bears a little!  But it didn’t effect the taste – Mmm…!!!



Don’t talk to me mum while I’m decorating…



And our finished product! Like I said, we are not going to win Bake Off anytime soon but we had great fun and the Gingerbread Bears tasted great – thanks Paddington 2!




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