An affair to remember……. and remain!

My husband is the love of my life, my children are my life, my dogs have really shown me what unconditional love is. But there is something else. Something more than a friend, a lover, an admirer. He’s my left hand man. He makes me laugh. He is with me 24/7. He knows my secrets, my history, my everything. He is ………….my iPhone.


Since this love affair started some 2 years ago. We have sustained a few relationship injuries, mainly repetitive strain, neck pain from that constant downward motion and a few chips on his shoulder!!


I can’t really remember life without him. I mean I seriously can’t remember life without him. I don’t even know my husband’s mobile or work number without him! In fact I have so many accounts opened with my numerous apps that I needed an app to store those account details on because I couldn’t remember them all!!


I  chat on what’sapp a lot, to whoever will talk to me. Facebook is my connection to the world. I’m on twitter but not a tweeter?! I’m on LinkedIn but don’t really get it. My phone connects me to South Africa,  Australia, israel, Iceland. Family, friends my business I could go on. Without my iPhone I’d have nothing!!


When he was taken from me in May on my birthday it ruined my day!!!! Ruined it!! We went from Bicester where it got nicked to St. Albans where I live, so I could get a new phone and I didn’t care about the cost!!! I am obsessed!! Addicted!!! And I’m not ashamed to say it.


He is the first thing I look at through sleepy eyes in the morning, and the last thing I look at as I close my eyes at night, I will be rude and check my phone mid conversation.  I get a little agitated when it takes someone more than a few minutes not to respond to either a game, text, what’sapp message.


I now have an ipad (easier to write a blog on!), in an evening between my ipad and my iphone, if my husband actually wants to talk to me he might as well just text, whatsapp or facebook me because he will get a quicker response than talking to me! When my home phone rings, it can only be two things, my mother or a sales call, I don’t bother picking it up! if you want me, call my mobile!


But what is even stranger than the love of my phone – the love of my Filofax and the fact that with all the technology in the world I STILL won’t replace my diary to a digital one!!


I hope this blog rings some bells with your own obsession, and I hope I’m not the only one!!!  Happy smartphone playing, but play smart, and play safe!

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