A working mums morning rush…

I’m finally starting to get the hang of the morning school rush!


Along with millions of other working mums across the world, I have learnt (the hard way) that I have to be even more organised than usual in order to get all of us out the door on time…


Lunches have to be made the night before.  School bags have to be checked, emptied and repacked as soon as we are home in the afternoon.  School uniforms have to be laid out before bedtime ready for the morning.  My choice of workwear has to be thought of before I go to bed.  My work bag has to be ready by the front door or it will be forgotten (oops!).  My life during the week has become a list of ‘must remember to do’s’ or else the whole schedule will go to pot!


And what happens if something throws me off course…an early morning telephone call? Breakfast spilt on a school uniform? Hair that just won’t look right (one of ‘those’ days!)? A last minute clothing panic?


…Well, if you are calling me before 8.30am you won’t get an answer!


…An extra stain on a school jumper won’t even be noticed!


…Does my hair ever really have a ‘good’ day?!?!


…Yes, my bum does look big in those trousers but I will be sat in front of a computer for the whole morning, so no one will see!


Yep, I’ve got the working mums morning rush sorted! 😉

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