A family night out to WWE Smack Down!

We were thrilled to be offered the opportunity to go to the O2 and watch WWE Smack Down!  This was the perfect choice of evening for my boys aged 8 & 12, being an event they could both enjoy equally.


wwe 2


The O2 is a fab arena, lively and easy to get to.  From the minute you arrived you could see WWE had taken over town; there were lots of merchandise stalls selling everything from belts to programmes and we met plenty of hardcore WWE fans, dressed in full wresting paraphernalia, not so much the kids but grown men!


wwe 5


The pre-show party was fantastic!  To start with you went through the WWE arrivals door like a star…


wwe 1


The party was not short of glitz and glamour, everything had the WWE logo including the wine glasses!  The boys loved the goody bags, keeping amused with magazines and top trumps until the show.


wwe 3


We were constantly offered refills of drinks and plenty of yummy snacks, which pleased the adults as much as the kids.  There were plenty of photo opportunities, standing by the glass boxes contains winning belts or against the WWE wallpaper.


wwe 7


There was a huge amount of excitement when the wrestlers arrived!  They answered a few press questions, and then went straight into having pictures taken with all the young fans, spending a good amount of time with each.  My son has loved telling and showing pictures to all his school friends about his meeting with Dolph Ziggler!


wwe 4


The actual wrestling show was just as we imagined having watched it many times on the TV.  My kids loved the entrances, the music and the “banter” between the wrestlers.  Were amazed by the acrobatic abilities of the wrestlers, they really went for it!  Out seats were fantastic and we really got into it, there was lots of singing, cheering and boo-ing and you couldn’t help but get involved!


wwe 6


If you have a chance, go and see the show, you will not be disappointed!  We have already decided to go and see WWE Raw when it comes to town!





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