1 and a half stone award for me …….

So part of me feels a little tempted to beat myself up abit that it’s taken me 5 months to lose a stone and a half when there are some in my group who have now lost 3 stone and we started the same time!    BUT  I have thought much better of it and I am feeling pretty marvellous about it and just want to shout out I AM A STONE AND A HALF LIGHTER THAN I WAS IN SEPTEMBER! YIPPEEEE!!!!!

I still have about another three stone to lose but I know I can do it! It may take longer than others but Rome wasn’t built in a day right?!??!

The key to my success for me really is the group that I go to.    I can’t do the whole online thing and weighing myself and giving myself a pat on the back, and I can’t do the whole paying £4.95 to go and get weighed by a stranger and then leave two minutes later.    I am the person that has to stay to group whether I have had a good or bad week!   I look forward to my Thursday night’s and look forward to seeing my Slimming World friends and without fail we laugh ALOT  throughout our ‘image therapy’ session.  Our wonderful consultant, Holly, has now set up a group on facebook for her members and so we have now become obsessed with posting photo’s of all our meal’s, having a rant about how bad our day is going or saying what a fab day we have had.  It’s great for day’s when you are feeling rubbish and we spur each other on and give each other idea’s and daily we will learn something new that we hadn’t realised before such as the fact that I eat ham most days and found out last night on our little FB group that it has a SYN value to it … what an idiot I felt but so pleased I had discovered this sooner rather than later.

Since christmas I have to admit to you the weight loss has been somewhat slow for me but it’s not because of the ‘diet’ but purely because I have an obsession with chocolate and often my willpower disappears out the window and I eat more chocolate than I am allowed!    Really quite greedy of me one may say as if I wanted to have a chocolate bar a day then as long as that chocolate bar is under 15 syns I can have it!   Probably doesn’t help though that there are little things I am not quite realising has a syn value to it and so could easily find myself going over my syn values if I am not careful.

So last week, I had the misfortune of having quite a bad tummy bug …… which did end up with a silver lining after I went and got weighed and had lost 4.5lb and gained me my stone and a half award!  Ok so this is cheating a little bit but those few days of really not wanting to eat alot was what I needed to spur me on again and get me focussed that I am not determined to get that 2 stone loss award sooner rather than later and I certainly don’t want to wait another 5 months to lose another stone and a half.

Tonight for my dinner I made home made burgers and had that with Slimming World chips and baked beans …. what I like to call a ‘dirty’ dinner!    But what diet do you know that you can eat that and still lose weight???? I sat with it on my plate in front of me thinking that there was no way you could call this a ‘diet’ and had to post this onto my facebook wall to share this with my facebook friends which then sparked up a conversation with other’s about how great slimming world recipe’s are.

My new dish is ‘diet coke chicken’ … sounds odd doesn’t it but it tastes divine!

Feeling peckish now so am about to tuck into my evening snack …. earlier tonight I put some raspberries and strawberries into a plastic bowl with fat free yoghurt and put it in the freezer…yum!

I keep adding food onto my pinterest board so maybe that can give some inspiration …

If anything I have written has inspired you and you live in Watford & are feeling like you need to make a change in your life then do join our class.  We are at Nascot Wood Junior School on a Thursday evening at 7.30pm! come and join us!

Until next time … hopefully there will be less of me ……

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