HertsPrems are over the moon – £25k raised so far…
Posted by: Audrey, 15 June 2017 1:12 pm
HertsPrems have hit the big £25k mark, hip hip hooray, thanks to our most recent sponsors Hill Farm, Radlett via Trudi Palmer-Brown, Farm Manager, who have donated a whopping £1500 following a series of Horse Dressage events and Bushey House Beaumont […]
Gaming as a family – yes or no?
Posted by: Kelly, 16 November 2016 11:44 am
My twin sons are five. Is that too young to buy a games console for them?   Or the perfect age for them to learn how to use one responsibly?   This question has been going round and round in […]
‘A’ Levels – the halfway point is a balancing act
Posted by: Mojomums Admin, 17 June 2016 10:04 am
Our home is perched upon a tightrope of existence, stretched between exams. Behind is education and ahead is an open future; my daughter and our lives are precariously balanced between her perception of failure and success. As I said in […]
GCSE Results day Tomorrow
Posted by: Carolynne, 19 August 2015 10:59 am
So only one more day to wait! It’s results day tomorrow and I’m so nervous! My Teen, Max, sat his GCSE’s this Summer, along with thousands of other students across the UK. It’s probably the most worrying time they will […]
Mystery Bulbs – my garden mission!
Posted by: Kelly, 25 April 2015 10:44 am
Earlier this year, Mojomums were approached to see if we would like to receive seventy ‘mystery bulbs’ to plant in our gardens, courtesy of Spalding Bulb to celebrate their 70th anniversary – I’m always up for a new gardening challenge so agreed […]
Let’s talk about Phonics!
Posted by: Kelly, 27 March 2015 4:48 pm
Phonics…I don’t remember this term from my early school days but I am most certainly learning all about them now!   Yes, any of you who have children of primary school age or older, you know what I am taking […]
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