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Eat Drink Paleo
Posted by: Kelly, 21 April 2015 9:34 am
Paleo   Paleo?   Um, what’s Paleo…?!?!   These were my initial thoughts when I was approached to try a family recipe from the Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook by Irena Macri.  I’d seen the word mentioned on various Pinterest recipes […]
The Impact of Colour – by Lisa Talbot
Posted by: Mojomums Admin, 18 April 2015 1:31 pm
Do you wear colour?     Do you love colour ?   One of our consultations is ‘The Impact of colour’ and it does contain many of the traditional methods of colour analysis but I do firmly believe that everything […]
Running with a Black Dog – Part 5 – 13 Miles for Matt
Posted by: Mojomums Admin, 14 April 2015 5:03 pm
  I did it! I ran and completed the Fleet half-marathon. I woke at 5am in the morning very nervous, feeling the emotion and a bit quiet. For frequent runners of such events, I’m sure their routine was mapped out. […]
Introducing guest blogger, Lisa Talbot
Posted by: Mojomums Admin, 9 April 2015 4:03 pm
Hello, my name is Lisa Talbot, I am an Award Winning Fashion Stylist and I have been in business since June 2009. I am a fashion stylist who works throughout the UK, mainly in the home counties and London with a team of stylists […]
Famous last words…
Posted by: Mojomums Admin, 9 April 2015 3:54 pm
You just had to say it didn’t you?   Yes, you all know what I’m talking about. Of course you do, you’re a parent too. Those things you say or do that ultimately come back slapping you right across the […]
Posted by: Mojomums Admin, 7 April 2015 4:35 pm
Denim…   The biggest conundrum when it comes to shopping is Denim. Yes the dreaded J word. Jeans – the single item of clothing that has the ability to reduce a grown woman to tears.   According to recent studies […]
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