Blazing Obsession, Dai Henley

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Blazing Obsession shows how powerful revenge and obsession are, and how they can result in fatal consequences. The novel, which combines police procedural, legal drama and amateur sleuth genres, will appeal primarily to crime fans.

Publisher: Matador, Oct 2014

Reviewer: Jim Murdoch

What would you do if your wife, stepson and baby daughter were murdered in an arson attack and the murderer was acquitted. Then because of an 800 year old law of double jeopardy meant he couldn’t be tried again?

Blazing Obsession is the story of one man, James Hamilton, and his struggle with losing not only his family but justice for all those involved. Set in the late 90s when mobile phones were still a luxury and the hype around the will-it, wont-it millennium bug. Dai Henley takes you on an edge of your seat crime thriller that will leave you gripping your book till the very last page.

If you’re after a good courtroom thriller with plenty of twists to feed your inner detective, look no further this is the book for you. There were times I felt like I was right there in the courtroom, having to stop myself from pointing and shouting at the defendant’s box. The story shows what can happen when you try to take the law into your own hands.

Henley builds a very good picture with excellent narrative; the dialogue is crisp and fluent; an overall smooth read and a definite stocking filler this Christmas.

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