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So he is here, the new Prince, the future King. Kate was in labour for more than 10 hours, so we asked around Mojo HQ to find out about our birth stories:

Sally: Baby one: Evie, I had a show 24 hours before my contractions started at 7pm, they started weak and built and were all in my back! I went into hospital at around 10pm. A longer labour at 19 hours. She was back to back and I felt the pain very early on!! In my experience each labour is very very different and can be more painful with one than others! – she was my painful one!

I went through to 9 cm without an epidural, although I was asking for one from +1 cm! did you know there was a +1! Well there is! – the ‘anaesthetist’ who came to my epidural at 4cm left me with 10 holes in my back and more pain than I started with, so when they finally found someone else to give me my epidural I was 9 cm and they were too scared to refuse me having looked at the state of my back! Had I known then that I was so close to her being born I would have just waited (it was 7am) , but as it was the epidural stopped my contractions and she wasn’t then born until 1pm.  She was born without help though I was pushing for 3 hours! bloody epidural! She was amazing, I loved her immediately as you do.

Baby two: Marcie, I had a show and calculated myself another 24 hours! and one last night of sleep! my waters broke at midnight that night – no sleep – and so we went to the hospital. They decided to keep me in as I was 2cm (no contractions! How different can a labour be)  and it was my second child. AT 3am I finally started to get contraction though bearable and mildish! I was asked if I wanted a epidural as the anaesthetist was going into theatre – I said depends how dilated I am, as the pain was worsening. They examined me at 3.30 and I was 3 cm so I said yes to an epidural as I had ages to go being only 3cm! my midwife was on her lunch break and the anaesthetist came in and as she did I got the urge to push! There was a tussle between me (writing on the bed trying not to push) my husband who had been told to give me gas and air to calm me down, and the anaesthetist who was telling me I was 3cm and it was just the pressure of the head and I must not push! Somewhere in between all of this my mum announces the head was out ! Marcie was born at 4am, delivered by the anaesthetist and I was sat in my living room at 8am the same morning – bizarre!

Babies three, four and five! TRIPLETS, were via C –section, I didn’t feel a thing and didn’t even know they had started and then I heard the first baby cry! Amazing buy polar opposite experience and a whole different story!

Emma: With my first child, the entire thing was 4 hours……….I arrived at the hospital fully dilated and ready to push! There was no room ready, and the midwife expected me to be hours and hours away from delivery so they were in no rush to clean the room! It was only when my mother yelled down the corridor   – ‘MY DAUGHTER IS PUSHING! GET THE ROOM READY NOW!! ‘  that they seemed to take notice!  I think I arrived in the room at 11.30 and Olivia was born at 1.12pm. No time for gas and air or anything! In fact I was happily eating fruit salad in between pushes! Both my husband and my mum were present which was really very special. I was home the same day, having a Chinese takeaway that very night with my parents, brother and sister in law! And of course a peacefully sleeping new born – which didn’t last long!!

My second child was even quicker, but happened at a less sociable hour. My waters broke at 1am, I arrived at hospital at 1.30am and Max was born in the triage room at 1.52am!  I enjoyed every second of both births, painful as they were – because of the speed, it was all very manageable! I know I was very  fortunate but I think my mother helped me prepare for this all through my life. When anyone was ever giving birth on a soap (they are always spectacularly noisy and dramatic) she would always reassure me and say, ‘Emma it’s not like that at all – a few pushes and our you popped!’  Due to this I had it ingrained in me that giving birth would be easy and I think mentally it did help me!

Amanda: I am a complete wimp I don’t do pain and I was under no illusion that if it were offered and I needed it I would take it. So at 10 days over my due date I was determined not to have an induction (I’d heard bad things) so I went to a wedding and I danced, a lot! I thought the bride was going to have kittens when she saw me leaping to Bon Jovi. Anyway it did the trick and at 2am on the Saturday morning I had my first contraction, it was very slight and I didn’t get another one for at least an hour. All day I felt a bit uncomfortable but surprisingly OK, they got a bit closer together but as my daughter was back to back with me it felt like back ache rather than what I expected a contraction to feel like. At about 9.30 I took off my tens machine and got in the bath, that was worse and so my hubby phoned the hospital, they said to come in if I felt it was getting bad, so about 10pm I went in, I was examined and was 2 cm and told to go home.

Things got pretty painful pretty quickly within the next hour I had a bleed and couldn’t do anything but lie down and push the button on my tens machine for an extra zap. We phoned the hospital and they asked me to come in and this time I was 4 cm so they said I could stay in and asked for my notes……yes the ones by the phone John had left there, so he zoomed home! The hospital offered me pethidine but I had heard bad things about that so I said no and as the pain was getting worse and the midwife told me as it is a first baby it will probably be another 10 hours like this I decided I wanted an Epidural!

I was taken upstairs and given gas and air, which I have to say I thought was the best thing in the world!  Then a lady came in to do my epidural, the bed was raised and I was sat upright and she was poised with the needle to give me an epidural when her beeper went and she had to run out of the room. At this point I burst into tears as a contraction came I lifted myself off the bed as they were coming in my lower back the cannula in my hand pops out and blood literally starts squirting out like some sort of horror movie, the midwife dealt with that and looked at me and says do you need to push, I say NO then look at her and say YES! So I take a LOT of gas and air and start pushing.

Now I remember it hurting and I remember feeling bones move (I know that sounds awful) but it felt like it was supposed to happen, so I wasn’t scared or freaked out by it. I pushed for 20 minutes and if I am honest I don’t really remember the 20 minutes, I remember the midwife telling John to take the gas and air away from me and me saying “Who is scarier me or her” and so I got to keep my beloved gas and air!

So anyway 4 hours in total and 20 minutes of pushing and one amazingly beautiful daughter arrived in the world weighing 7lb 7oz. I know how lucky I am, a great pregnancy a pretty uneventful birth and a perfect baby (Yes I know how biased I am!) So for any pregnant ladies out there who are terrified and have friends who have told them horror stories, remember mine too, sometimes it isn’t as bad as you think it is going to be but also no matter what happens it is all worth it in the end!

We’d love to hear your birth stories, so share yours below!

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