Best Mug Cakes Ever, Monica Sweeney

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The mug cake is a warm, sweet little confection for one. And so quick and easy to make: A few spoonfuls of flour, sugar, butter, maybe some cocoa or fruit, sometimes egg, and in less than two minutes in the microwave, you ll be a believer. Here are the best of the best recipes, for cakes from decadent to healthy(ish), including Chocolate-Mint Mug Cake, Raspberry Cobbler Mug Cake, Apple Spice Mug Cake, Nutella Mug Cake, Coffee Crumb Mug Cake. Try it, you’ve got nothing to lose–except the guilt you’d normally feel after eating an entire cake.

Publisher: Countryman Press, Nov 2014

Reviewer: Stephanie Jade Sleaford

Despite the saying ‘never judge a book by it’s cover’ I must admit that this is exactly what I did with Sweeney’s sweet treat book. To say I was dubious that a cake, which could be made in five minutes or less, (not to mention cooked in a microwave), would actually taste like a cake was bordering on the understatement of the year. I guess I could blame Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood that. As an avid ‘Bake Off’ fan, I saw the looks of horror when Nancy dared to use a microwave and so I’d come to the conclusion that microwaves were out when it came to baking.

Yet here I am today, a total mug cake convert. After taking out an afternoon for a spot of ‘microwave baking’ (as I now call it), I found that my pre-conceptions towards these mug cakes were totally unfounded.¬† Sampling the ‘Chocolate Brownie’, ‘Maple Walnut’, ‘Banana’ and ‘Baileys Irish Cream’, I was genuinely surprised at how well each of these five minute treats turned out. There was next to no mess, they tasted like ordinary cake and best of all my full afternoon of baking turned into half a hour, which meant I had a couple of hours of taste testing ahead of me!

If like me you’re a total baking novice then this is the introduction to baking that you’ve been looking for. With no scales required and fool proof instructions, I couldn’t recommend this book highly enough for someone wanting to dip their toe into baking without all the washing up after. It’s simple enough for children to get involved with and tasty enough for adults to enjoy.¬†¬†Overall it’s a winner in my eyes.


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