Behind Closed Doors, Kerry Wilkinson

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Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel has barely left her house in months, isolated away from friends and colleagues. She may have given up on herself but one man is sure she still has something to offer.

DCI Jack Cole gives her a chance at redemption: An opportunity to help a neighbouring force by discovering what is going on with a reclusive community living in a stately home in the middle of nowhere.

People are going missing, turning up dead with only a vague link back to the house. But can Jessica beat her own demons in time to find out exactly what’s going on behind closed doors?

Publisher Pan Books, January 2014


Reviewer Shabana Ansari

The seventh book in the Jessica Daniel series, Behind Closed Doors is a gripping thriller. Author Kerry Wilkinson brings back the tough woman cop grappling with her inner demons while trying to make sense of the world around her.

Going undercover for a neighbouring police force, Jessica is expected to unearth the seemingly dark secrets of a religious cult. The police suspect that the cases of missing people, found dead – with a vague link to the house where members of the reclusive community live are not mere coincidences. And this is where Jessica comes in: with her inherent vulnerability and her street-smart way of policing, she is the prime candidate to carry out the undercover operations.

But will Jessica be able to stop other victims from falling into the clutches of danger? Will she be able to keep herself safe and sane while she lives amongst those who are capable of bringing her serious harm?

There is a lot of drama in Behind Closed Doorsthat will keep fans of crime novels on the edge; even readers who have missed the earlier Jessica Daniel books can enjoy the tight-paced action and the twists and turns in the plot.

A great read on a rainy afternoon when all you want to do is curl up with a page-turner.

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