Be Rich and Spiritual, Yildiz Sethi

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Find out how to free your mind and go beyond limitation and discover what state of consciousness is required to being Rich and Spiritual. For those who are ready for this new paradigm there are clearly defined steps to follow. At this time in our development many of us have reached the level of consciousness necessary to break down the social conditioning that has placed spirituality and wealth at opposing poles and step into our true power as abundant, human beings. The Secret and the movement that came out of it, The Law of Attraction, has made many promises, but left out many of the conditions by which it may be understood and used effectively.

Publisher: A Bright Pen Book, 2014

Reviewer: Kim Christofi

This book provides a useful self-help book to change habits, or simply feed a curious brain. Using unique and in depth perspective with clear steps to follow for those ready to step into abundance. Her writing style enables the reader to stream through the words, making it hard to put down. This book includes strategies and methodologies for resolving blocks to becoming rich, but can also give an insist into spirituality. The words stay with you as you find yourself thinking about personal growth and the mind. I would recommend this book to anyone who is seeking personal development as it provides the knowledge and steps required to live in a state of harmony.





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