Backpacks – fashion meets practical

Well today I thought I’d share a fashion trend that I’m sure we all remember from our childhoods…backpacks!  Yes, they are back!  And handy in this weather when you need your hands free to cling onto anything possible to stop yourself from flying away!

I recently brought this cute Cath Kidston backpack 

backpack - cath kidston

Perfect for days out with my boys when I need both hands free to hold onto them!  Everything can fit into it; nappies, wipes, snacks & drinks, spare clothes…you get the drift!  Its easier to carry than a baby changing bag, more comfortable than a large over the body bag – when I’m on ‘mummy duty’ the Mulberrys’ stay at home!

But if money were no object (& I didn’t need a bag as big as a house!) then this beautiful bright orange leather 3.1 Phillip Lim would be top of my shopping list – going to have to keep dreaming!  £745 from Liberty

backpack - phillip lim

Here’s a few more affordable options that you can find on the high street:

And as always, click on the picture to start shopping…

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