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So George Alexander Louis is the name chosen by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for their son, it got us Mojomums talking about how we came up with our children’s names:

Amanda: My husband is a teacher so it wasn’t easy coming up with a name as every name I suggested reminded him of a child he had taught, some were good and some were bad! A girls name was easier to agree on than a boy’s name which we never did actually agree, I think our favourite at the time was Matthew (Mattie for short) and David for a middle name as it joined my husband (his middle name), my brother (his middle name) and my dad (his christian name) together. Fortunately we had a girl so the name was organised as soon as she was born. I loved the name Bethany and my hubby couldn’t recall a Bethany in his 12 years of teaching which just made it even more perfect a choice. Her middle name is Hannah which was my Nan’s name.

Nina: My daughter is called Scarlet, as I love the film Gone with the Wind and she was born with super dark hair just like Vivienne Leigh had in the film. She also has her feisty personality, but I obviously didn’t know that at the time! My son is called Dexter because my brother was working with Dexter Fletcher at the time and therefor suggested the name to me. I love the name because it sounds quite old manish, but also quite different. It wasn’t after the mini-series of the serial killer! Like some people ask me. As if!?!?

Emma: I just loved the name Olivia, no real reason her middle name Honey was named after my late grandma. Again Max it was short and smart no real reason behind it except we liked it!

Lucy: Alexander Harry Laszlo, we called our son Alexander as it was my maiden name and as an only child it was a good way to carry on my name.  Alex’s middle names were chosen because Lazlo is Hungarian after my husband’s uncle and Harry after Prince Harry. Isabella Jessica Rose, my husband and I were stuck between deciding on Isabella and Jessica so settled for Isabella  as the first name and Jessica for a middle name and Rose after my Aunty Rose and my Mum’s cat.

Sally: I looked for months for a name that was nice and pretty (not wacky) but that I THOUGHT was not very common and at the time nobody had heard of it! We chose Evie for a girl before our sexing scan at 20 weeks so when we found out we were having a girl we had her name!  Marcie, I saw the name Marcia come up on desperate housewives credits (Marcia Cross) and changed it to Marcie. We later found out that one of the girls in snoopy is called Marcy. Phoebe, I heard it on TV and always liked the name, Ayda, I really liked the name but husband not keen as said old lady name so I got the green light when Robbie Williams married an Ayda. Noah, is my husband’s middle name and as a non-religious person it took me a while to get over the religious part, but I loved the name.

We’d love to know how you chose your children’s name, tell us your stories below.

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  1. Gemma says:

    My daughters name was decided when I was no more than 7 months pregnant and it never changed.
    Her dad is called michael so we went though the female M’s until we found one we both liked and agreed on.
    However she is a double barrell the second half of her name is after my grandmother Ramondé, who was informally called Ray by everyone she was close to including us grand children. (Nanny ray) so once I put modern spin on the spelling, we had it sorted…… Maisie-Rae, not Maisie 🙂 x

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