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Following our sleep clinic last week, next month we will see another expert take to our Facebook group to answer your questions. Now we know that not all children love broccoli, we know that not every mum is a chef extraordinaire and we know that weaning can be terrifying so if you are having problems with getting your little one to eat then Mojmums can offer you some help!


We’ve teamed up with nutrition expert Julia Wolman from Teeny Tummies to help any mum who needs some advice on nutrition for their little one, weaning, diet, fussy eater whatever your issue you can ask Julia for some top tips and advice. Julia will be taking over our Facebook group on Wednesday 16th October between 8 and 9.30pm and she will be answering as many questions as she can. So if you have something to ask make sure you go to Mojomums group on Facebook Wednesday 16th October and ask away!


Find out more about our expert Julia:

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Julia Wolman is the founder of Teeny Tummies child nutrition consultancy. As an experienced registered nutritionist, she is passionate about healthy eating and believes it’s never too early to get babies and children into good habits. Julia helps parents and carers feel confident about making healthy choices for their little ones through her talks, courses and tailor-made advice. Julia is also a mum to two very busy little boys, so when it comes to weaning, fussy eating and toddler nutrition, she has been there – and knows the challenges inside out! For more about Julia and how Teeny Tummies could help you, please visit:  or Teeny Tummies facebook page:

Important note – Julia’s advice and expertise is intended for parents of children with non-clinical feeding issues, and should not be used as a substitute for medical advice.


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