Are you stuck in a ‘rice cake rut’?!?!

New research* from Little Dish – the maker of proper food for kids – reveals that over half (52%) of parents need some fresh inspiration when it comes to preparing snacks for their toddlers.

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In-fact, two thirds (65%) of Mums and Dads say they have less than five things in their ‘snacking repertoire’, and nearly half (47%) say they are guilty of serving the same snack over and over again.

Nutritionists agree that offering a wide variety of healthy snacks is an important part of laying the foundations for healthy eating habits.

Leading nutritionist and Mum, Lucy Jones, explains:  “Because snacks are small they’re a great way for little ones to try out new tastes, and have a go at feeding themselves.  Snacking should be a fun voyage of discovery with lots of experimentation.  It’s important to be patient and try to offer a variety of different snacks.  Remember it will often take several attempts before a cautious little eater learns to love a new taste.”

The research was conducted by Little Dish to mark the launch of its healthy new toddler snack, Go Gos.  Little Dish Go Gos are nutritious and delicious mini wholegrain oat biscuits that have been designed to give parents a healthy and exciting alternative to rice cakes and dried fruit.

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Hillary Graves, Little Dish Founder and Mum-of-two, explains:  Every mum is looking for healthy, nutritious snack options for their children. That’s why we created Little Dish Go Gos, a range of mini oat biscuits which are chock full of healthy ingredients such as wholegrain oats, fibre-rich flax seeds and chia seeds, as well as protein to help nourish little ones.”

Leading nutritionist Lucy Jones shares her golden rules for healthy snacking:

  • Regular as clockwork: As far as possible try to serve snacks at similar times of the day so your little one comes to see snacking as part of their eating routine
  • Voyage of discovery:  Because snacks are small they’re a great way to try out new tastes.  Be patient! Remember it will often take several attempts before toddlers learn to like a new taste
  • Balance sweet and savoury: To protect tiny teeth and make sure little ones are getting plenty of protein and fibre, offer more savoury snacks than sweet snacks
  • Phase out screen time: Avoid connecting eating with screen time and ‘mindless munching’.  Instead, encourage your child to sit down and really enjoy their food
  • You and me time: Make a conscious effort to use snack time as quality catch up time to share stories of adventures or plan your day together


Watch this space for a brand new Little Dish Go Go’s competition coming in April…!!!

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