Are you or your children having difficulties using a computer…?

Kids are back to school and we know that sometimes home learning can be a struggle, especially if your child has learning difficulties including dyslexia and dyspraxia, Mojomums have come across Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 from Nuance which can be a real help for children who find it hard using computers and typing…


It lets you control your computer using your voice, letting you dictate to Microsoft Word as well as emails; eliminating problems with spelling and typing.  You can also use your voice to search the web, making research projects simple.  If your child does struggle then this could really help them to become more relaxed when using a computer and actually enjoy doing their homework!

Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 is available from £79.99 from the Nuance store.

This video will probably helpful to further explain the product – Mojomums are impressed and we would like to hear your feedback too…

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