Are you an ‘early’ or a ‘late’ person?

I’m an ‘early’ person. Always. Never late. Ever.


I was brought up by a mum who was also an early person – I think it runs in the family, right?  My mum didn’t drive so when I was young we used to walk everywhere & I think that helped.  She knew exactly how long it would take for us to walk to school, or to the nearest bus stop or train station…& I think she would add on at least 10 minutes to her timings so we were always early!


This philosophy has continued for me into adult life & I am sure (well, I hope) that I pass this onto my sons too as I hate lateness…there is no worry in my household of fines from schools for being late – forgotton PE kit or lunch, maybe, but not lateness!


But somehow opposites must attract as many of my great friends are ‘late’ people…my best friend from school was always late – I remember often knocking on her front door, ready to walk to school, & she wasn’t even out of bed yet!  Arrgghh, that made me mad! (& panic that I would now be late too!)


Another close family member is a late person, often not ready at our agreed meeting time.  On holiday once she took AT LEAST an extra half hour to straighten her hair – which she then put in a ponytail! – while my husband & I waited outside her room for her…I’m sure she did this on purpose, as she knows I’m always early!


Being early can have its downsides too; I spent many a shivering morning waiting outside for members of my team to arrive at work as we were unable to enter the building alone; I spend far too much money in coffee shops as I am early to meet friends; my car parking fees are always more than they really need to be, if only I was just ‘on time’…


So, are you an early or a late person?  Do your loved ones follow suit or do you find opposites attract?  I’d love to hear…

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