Another cold, and I’m still not organised!

bump 34

So week 34 into this pregnancy and I have to say I am ill again! I know some people have had awful pregnancies and in the grand scheme of things mine has been relatively easy but this has to be about my 5th cold! Last time I was the healthiest I have even been in my life so this is something I completely wasn’t expecting! I am in bed most nights before 9 as I am super tired this time round. There are certainly more aches and pains, and I do feel 3 years older than I was last time, but on the whole it’s not so bad!


So what else can I tell you? Last midwife appointment was fine, all normal, heart beat heard and bump measures as it should. Next check-up is in a couple of weeks. Last day in the office is planned and in the diary. It sounds like I am starting to finally get organised doesn’t it!


My daughter has moved out of the nursery and into her very pink big girl room! I have even had the next stage in the plans for our house extension through. So things are moving forward. I haven’t however got any of the baby things ready yet – but I am planning on doing that this weekend, so my next update should be me super organised and ready to go.


I am still addicted to One Born Every Minute, although I have to say I am suddenly beginning to think why am I watching this as I can remember things from baby number one, and I don’t really want to remember just yet! I also have to do my birth plan for my next midwife appointment, I really think it a waste of time as you really can’t plan these things – in an ideal world it is over quickly, doesn’t hurt, and everyone is fit and well within minutes. In reality well anything could happen and no matter how much you write down I don’t want  a caesarean if you need one and baby has to get out, you just do it!

So that is my latest baby news, I’ll keep you posted on how things progress and if I ever get organised! But if you are pregnant I’d love to hear how you are getting along especially if it is your second or third and you are as disorganised as I am, it’ll make me feel better!


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