Annabel’s Family Cookbook – Annabel Karmel

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Bestselling children’s cookery writer and mum of three, Annabel knows how tricky it can be to find food the whole family can enjoy together. Too often, busy mums have to make one meal for the kids and then another for adults. In her beautiful new cookbook, Annabel offers no-fuss, tasty recipes for all mealtimes that will get everyone around the table at the same time – whether they be 2 years old or twenty.

Publisher: Ebury Publishing, March 2014

Reviewer:  Nola Eaton

Annabel Karmel is well known as a children’s cookery writer and is renowned in the field of child nutrition.  This is her first adult cookbook and I find the structure is excellent.    I like the way that you can see exactly how long you will have to allow to make the dishes.  The ingredients listing is clear with lovely pictures.

A family cookbook with great recipes for all from everyday meals, weekend meals to share, lunchboxes and those you can prepare ahead.I recently gave away over 20 cookery books and I truly felt I would not need another book, how wrong I was.  This book is now a firm favourite because it is so easy to follow, the recipes are delicious and there is so much for all the family with a lot of the dishes taking no more than 30 minutes to make. 

Here are a few of the recipes I have tried:

Naan bread with sultanas

00As a family we love take-away food but we won’t be buying Naan bread anymore to accompany our curries.  This recipe is so easy with only 20 minutes preparation time and 7 minutes to cook.    No more shop-bought naan bread in the freezer just some dried yeast in the cupboard with my normal baking ingredients is all I need from now on. These naans were a hit with all of our family.

The Naan bread recipe is a great accompaniment to the delicious Mulligatawny chicken curry recipe in this book which has a deliciously mild taste which is great for serving to children and when you want something with a little spice but not hot.

Onion and Gruyère tart

This recipe is so different from others I have made and and I think that is largely because of the addition of Parmesan cheese to the pastry mix, wow.  Also the onions on the base of the tart are caramelised slowly and this adds to the flavour greatly.  Pastry is made in a food processor, this recipe is so simple.  This is so lovely I am now following the recipe but serving them as individual tarts as a starter.  Fabulous for a family get together and I was amazed that the children loved it so much and I think that was because the onions were caramelised.  Great for buffets  The tart takes 30 minutes to prepare and 50 minutes to cook but so worth it.

Baked Seabass

It is so simple to cook this beautiful fish, 10 minutes preparation and 25-30 minutes to cook.  Perfect for two when the children are asleep!

The fish is very moist because you cook it in a tin foil parcel, just one glitch in the recipe I wrapped the seabass in its tin foil tent and then it said to squeeze over the remaining lemon juice!  Never mind a quick unwrap and all ready for the oven.  As well as having delicious moist fish to eat the other benefit of cooking this way – no fishy smells in the kitchen.

Chocolate brownies with caramel sauce

0A recipe for a grown-up to make but this recipe uses both milk and plain chocolate.  You melt the chocolate and butter in a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water and all the remaining ingredients and then whisk until smooth.  Cook in the oven for 35 – 40 minutes, we all preferred the batch cooked for 35 minutes giving that melting slightly undercooked centre – yum.  It couldn’t be simpler and the toffee sauce is easy too, all ingredients in the saucepan and heat until melted.  Very little washing up which is a bonus.  A downside to this recipe, you want to keep making them.

I am looking forward to making a cake which for me will be my idea of heaven on a plate, a chocolate and coffee cake; two of my favourite ingredients.



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