An East End Girl, Maggie Ford

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Cissy Farmer longs to escape her life in London’s Docklands where times are hard and money is tight. And when she meets the debonair Langley Makepeace, her dream seems within reach.

But the price of belonging in Langley’s brittle, sophisticated world could be much higher than Cissy ever imagined. And torn between Langley and her gentle childhood sweetheart, Eddie Bennet, she is forced to gamble on her future chance of happiness, a decision that will change her life forever…

Publisher: Ebury Press, Jan 2017

Reviewer:  Jen

Cissy Farmer was a very brave,  if a little silly young woman to do what she did.  She obviously thought that her elocution lessons were a big help up the ladder, little realising that the group she was involved with were probably laughing at her.

She abandoned her family and the man who truly loved her.  Although she went through really tough times and decisions,  in the end love is the winner.

The Author, Maggie Ford.   A fabulous storyteller – She obviously did a lot of research for this story. You can see it in the details and it’s a  book I found hard to put down.



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