Amy Sheppard, author of The Savvy Shoppers Cookbook

Name: Amy Sheppard

amy shepperd

Age: 37

Number of children: Two boys

Job title: Food Writer

Duties: I spend most of my day obsessing about food! I write simple family recipes made from discount supermarket ingredients for my blog, My first cookbook has just come out so at the moment its all about interviews and promotion and coming up with interesting content for my social media!

Hours: It really depends on what’s happening that week. Sometimes I can be working all day, into the evening and other days it’s quieter so I get a chance to catch up on my writing and trying out recipes.

Childcare arrangements: My boys are a bit bigger now, so they’re both at school all day. I am really lucky that I have always been able to shuffle what I do around the kids. It’s hard sometimes, but my husband is very supportive – especially when I’m glued to the laptop all evening!

What I love about work: I love food – cooking and eating it! It consumes a lot of my thoughts, so this really is the perfect job for me. I joined social media about a year ago and connecting with other foodies has been one of the best bits about this job – I’ve learned so much.

What I find difficult is: Switching off! I’ve never been very good at it. I can get very consumed in what I’m doing and so I have to be quite strict with my internet use!

My working life would be easier if: I finished one job before starting the next – I am the queen of procrastination!

Work/mum life balance: It’s always hard when you work from home. Sometimes the work can spill over into family life. I have become much better at balancing work and Mum life, now that the technical part of the blog is up and running and the cookbook is out. A year ago I swapped my smart phone for a cheap phone without internet. It was the best thing I ever did. That way when I’m out with the kids or picking them up from school, I’m not checking my emails or social media. I find it forces me to focus my time better.

How having children has changed the work I do: I wouldn’t have started the blog or written the book without the children. When I gave up my job, after my eldest was born, we had to drastically reduce our budget. Which is why I had to become creative in the kitchen! A few years later I turned that into my job. I love cooking for my family and trying out new foods with them.

Fantasy job/if I wasn’t doing this I’d be: I really can’t think of anything I would rather be doing. I feel like I’m doing my dream job and sometimes have to pinch myself when I see how far it has all come in the last year.

Mojomums helps Mums to get their mojo back – what advice would you give to Mum’s who have lost theirs: One step at a time. When I first had the idea for the cookbook I actually started writing it without telling anyone. Every time I blogged I felt sick at the thought of anybody reading it! It’s hard putting yourself out there, but you do get used to it. I found incredible support, knowledge and advice from speaking to other Mum’s. Instagram was a great place to start building networks and talking to like-minded people in your field. The first bit is the hardest – it gets better really quickly.


The Savvy Shoppers Cookbook published by Ebury Press is available from many high street bookstores and online from Amazon.


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