Amanda what I’ve been doing Feb, March and looking to April!

What I’ve been doing in Feb and March:

Baby stuff – well actually getting my little ones room ready, now just to do the hospital bag!

Working lots – Leaving Mojomums is like leaving my baby! I love working here and the thought of handing over the reins no matter for how long is really tough!

Family time – I lost my Grandad at the beginning of March, so we have spent lots of time together as a family, culminating in a lovely Mother’s Day roast lunch at our house on Sunday.

TV – My viewing is just not the same – Call the midwife and Mr Selfridge now finished, The Voice nearing it’s finale – what is there next to get excited about (I hate Britain’s got talent!!!!)

The garden – I have actually ventured into the back garden on more than one occasion – it’s beginning to feel a bit Spring like. My daughter is out there at the first opportunity begging to be pushed on the swing or for me to get her bike out!

Structural engineer – So I now have structural plans for my extension and everything has been passed by the council so the build can begin – brilliant timing – of course!

Being ill – We have had pretty much two months of coughs, colds and conjunctivitis in our house, we are on the mend (I hope) but it is beyond a joke now!

So what does April hold:

A baby apparently – but not till the end I’ve got loads of time…… loads!!!!

Maternity leave – now I have to say I am looking forward to this and spending time with my little girl after nursery, but I am getting whale-esque so getting out and about isn’t as easy as it once was! Still once I have baby it’ll get easier (with two kids and lack of sleep who am I kidding!!!!)

My birthday – 37 years old and right now I feel every single one of them!

My husbands birthday – and he is on dry April until this baby is here so potentially not the best birthday he has ever had!

Merlin pass – We have a Merlin pass but lots of the attractions are closed over the winter period so we are going to start making the most of these passes again and visiting the aquarium, Chessington and Legoland at the weekends.

Car insurance – Yuk! It’s that time of year when you have to phone your current company asking for their best price, phone another company get a better price then phone the original company back and suddenly they can go cheaper – It does annoy me!

Finding out if Bethany gets her school place at the school where she is currently at nursery. I really don’t want to take her away from the friends she has made, so fingers crossed!


So a busy time in our house, what does the next month or two hold for you? Keep us posted!

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