Amanda: January what I’ve loved and what I’ve not!


Last month I loved:

A Sunday night in on the sofa curled up and watching: Call the Midwife and Mr Selfridge.

New Shoes! I am finding maternity clothes shopping not much fun, but I can still buy shoes! I added a new pair of Converse and ankle boots to my collection!

Food! Everyone has been on a diet where as I have seen it as an excuse to be super naughty – I am addicted to Yorkie Raisin and Biscuit bars and Mars bars currently and strawberry liquorish!

The thought of Spring arriving and getting rid of all this rain – surely it has to end soon! I love spring getting outside, the flowers (despite the sneezing!) A new season means new colours and new clothes!

Choosing the colours and accessories and planning on decorating my daughter’s bedroom so the new arrival gets her nursery!

My first trip out with the nursery mums from Bethany’s school – it was so nice to actually talk to them all and put real names to faces rather than so and so’s mum!

Pay day – Didn’t it feel like a really long month!


What I am not loving:

The cold rainy weather!

Actually getting my daughters room cleared so we can decorate – isn’t it amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in a spare room! What do I do with it all now – and where do I dry my clothes on the airer from now on!?!?

Feeling like a whale – yes I know the chocolate can’t be helping!

There is a lot of exposed flesh in the spring catwalks! Mid riffs, shoulders, sheer skirts, firstly whilst I am just post baby this is not good for me, secondly all that preparation of getting exposed skin ready, Oh the effort!


Looking forward to:

Another month closer to baby arriving – The end of April seems a long way off!

Spring sees a new season of One born every minute starting- I am an addict of this program I love it!

Pancake day, Easter and Mother’s day all to come!

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