Am I too old to wear that?

Now I love clothes, shopping and fashion. I would say I am a follower of fashion, I see what is out there and what I like I get and what I think should be for the catwalk only, I leave there! If it is too ridiculous I say to myself – well you are 36 now. If it is borderline ridiculous I will try it, laugh at myself and then I don’t buy it.


But when is following fashion a bad thing? I remember when I was younger being embarrassed when my mum wanted to buy the same thing as I wanted, but I also remember my friends mum who dressed like she was 100! So how do you get the balance right and feel comfortable in your own skin and with those progressing years, but you don’t embarrass your kids or dress too young or old for your years?


I have always liked a short skirt. As I have got older the hem has got longer, however now I am a mum of 36 I wonder, can I still wear a short skirt? I’m not talking skin tight dresses that don’t even cover your knickers, I am talking above the knee “short”. Also I am very aware that my weight has somewhat increased since my little one has arrived and I haven’t done anything to combat it, in fact I have almost encouraged it by my laziness!


So here is my dilemma, do I throw out everything that I think is short, do I say hang it, I am what I am and carry on wearing regardless or is there a rule book or guidelines on what I can get away with and what I can’t!


The same is true of tops. The clingy ones have already gone after all I may be a little delusional but I do own a mirror! But the low cut ones, some remain and some I’m just not sure about! Now nobody wants to see too much on display, especially from an “older” lady, but on the other hand I am not prepared to admit I am over the hill and only wear polo necks.


I go from well I am a 36 year old mother to well I’m only 36 in a heartbeat. So what do I do? Well I am going to wait until my daughter is old enough to be embarrassed by me and then I may reconsider but for now I may reveal a knee or some cleavage even though I am progressing in years, I am a mother and I am over size 14! Shocking I know, but hang it your only young (or is that old) once!


What do you think should age or size matter when choosing your wardrobe or should you wear whatever you feel comfortable in?

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