Alison Delaney – Founder and Director of Little Bird Products

Name:  Alison Delaney

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Age:  44

Number of children:  1 beautiful daughter

Job title:  Founder and Director of Little Bird Products and Little Bird People Development

Duties: The full business cycle

Hours: Average 4 days per week

Childcare arrangements: My 19 year old is at Leeds University so now our time together is more through choice than necessity as she’s very independent.  I do relish the times she ’needs’ a cuddle.

What I love about work: Is that it’s not work for me.  I’m blessed to have found my purpose and reflect the quote ‘If you find a job that you love, you’ll never work another day in your life’.

What I find difficult is: Is keeping up with my own imagination and delivering on the visions as quickly as they appear.

My working life would be easier if… I chose to slow down.

Work/mum life balance: This is an area where I’ve had to work very hard.  I’m now very disciplined.

How having children has changed the work I do: My daughter is a fertility gift so my purpose has always been to create a world where our children can hold onto their dreams and believe they can achieve anything.  Our children are here on purpose, with a purpose and it’s our responsibility as adults to nurture their gifts.

Fantasy job / If I wasn’t doing this, I’d be… I’ve really struggled to answer this question and can only believe that’s because I’m blessed to be doing my fantasy job.

Mojomums helps mums get their mojo back – what advice would you give to mums who feel they have lost theirs? To learn to love themselves in the form they’ve been given.  To know there is no-one else like them in the world.  They are here on purpose, with a purpose and that they’re enough.  Give themselves ‘permission’ to step into the light.

Anything else? I have a privileged role in life and never take it for granted. I thank all of my clients, partners and friends for their belief and trust in what I do.

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