Aliens Love Underpants – Live show

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Reviewed by: Sharon, her husband and two young children aged 3 and 5

aliens love...

What they say:  

The Aliens will be landing soon at a theatre near you…This zany and hilarious tale based on the best-selling children’s book is delightfully brought to life on stage for the very first time. With stunning effects, madcap action, original music (and lots of aliens of course!) this fantastically fresh and funny production will delight the whole family!”

What we say: 

“My 5 year old son is the ideal age group for this production and we were quite excited about watching it. He is familiar with the books in the series, especially Pirates Love Underpants and Dinosaurs Love Underpants.

As luck would have it, we were not disappointed. This is probably one of the rare occasions when the production was better than the book. With a combination of an expansive script, lively songs and witty dialogue, it is an absorbing 1 hour of entertainment. Best of all was the engaging cast who brought everything together and kept us amused throughout. I would recommend this play to anyone with children aged 5 – 6, and it is cleverly produced so that the adults can enjoy too. 

My only criticism is the venue, Leicester Square Theatre, which is a dark and subterranean place and not really suitable for kids, in my view. I would think the best use for this theatre is probably late night comedians, but for children it is almost a bit scary.

At the front of house there was merchandise and books on sale. The children loved the “alien” balloons that they left with.

Whilst my three year old also accompanied us and  seemed interested at first, she was frightened of the level of noise and refused to watch the rest of the production. I think it depended on where you sat in the theatre, as I too felt the level of sound could have been a few notches lower. The actors seem to be able to project well enough without the need speakers to enhance the sound.

Overall, we had a great time and would most definitely recommend for all lovers of the book, and otherwise, to go and see this great family show!”

For more information, venues and to book tickets visit Underpants Live

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